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Memory Care Specialists in Albany, OR

Located in the beautiful Willamette Valley, Mennonite Village offers exceptional senior living and assisted living apartments and care facilities that put our residents’ needs and passions in the foreground. Our signature dementia and memory care facility is staffed by a skilled nursing team that will work closely with your family and your loved one’s physicians to ensure your senior is given the care they need and the independence they want.

We offer quality apartment-style living, nutritious and delicious meals, and engaging community activities that will keep your loved one happy, engaged, and comfortable. We also offer expert dementia awareness programs, such as our Best Friends Alzheimer’s Class, to help you and your family understand how Alzheimer’s and dementia manifest and what to expect as your senior progresses with this condition. Contact us today in Albany, OR, to find out how we can best serve you.

Helping families understand dementia

Alzheimers Best Friends Class at Mennonite Village

Mennonite Village offers a special Best Friends Alzheimer’s ClassThis all-day session incorporates an understanding of your loved one’s condition, current research and treatment available, and effective communication and activities you can use in your senior’s daily routine to encourage memory retention.

Our one-day course covers:

Mary Scott - Presenter for the “Best Friends Class.”

Mary Scott, presenter for the “Best Friends Class.”

  • Many of the different types of dementia and their symptoms
  • Types of research and medications used
  • What it might feel like to have dementia
  • What is Knack and therapeutic fibbing
  • What are behaviors and what approach you should take
  • Communication techniques
  • Activities to use or try

Our next class will be held Friday, April 3, 2020.

For more information, contact Mary Scott at 541-704-4297, or


Comprehensive Alzheimer’s Care Living Facilities

Loving and caring for a person with memory loss means adapting to ongoing change and losses. For those with Alzheimer’s and related dementia, each day can be filled with unfamiliar routines and people. Mennonite Village offers three stages of residential care to help keep your loved one engaged, comfortable, and mentally active.

Early Alzheimer’s care

Our Mary’s Place foster care home for men and women helps early-stage Alzheimer’s patients retain some independence while seeing to their welfare at all times. These semi-independent living facilities are ideal for active seniors who can no longer live alone safely and need minimal assistance with activities of daily living. We retain security and medical personnel on staff 24/7 to see to any emergency, and our activities directors provide a rich program of entertainment options and activities that will keep them connected to our community and their families.

Advanced Alzheimer’s care

Alzheimer’s and dementia care at Lydia’s House was created and designed for men and women with mid-stage or advanced memory loss as a natural extension of our continuing care retirement community. We provide a safe, nurturing home where residents are accepted and their physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs are met both day and night. Our team of attendants, nursing staff, and cooking staff will take your senior’s unique needs into account and ensure they’re safe as they enjoy daily meals, outings, art and exercise activities, and much more.

Compassionate memory care assisted living

The staff at Mennonite Village is specially trained to work with Alzheimer’s patients and provide compassionate memory care services. We strive to give our guests the utmost freedom in their daily routine while providing nutritious and delicious meals, comprehensive medical attention, and engaging community activities that will help them retain memories and socialize with others. We can work closely with your family and your loved one’s physicians to create a personalized care and medication regime.

We’re happy to answer all of your questions. Compassionate dementia care is always the standard at Mennonite Village in Albany, OR.

Living Facilities at Mennonite Village
Living Rooms for Early Alzheimer’s Care at Mennonite Village
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