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True Independent Living in Albany, OR

At Mennonite Village, we aim to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for seniors that’s filled with amenities. While we offer a suite of dedicated medical and assisted living services, our facilities also accommodate seniors who are more independent and have the ability to live without additional assistance. Mennonite Village is a fantastic choice for adults who want to maintain their usual routines but do not want to take care of running a household completely by themselves. As we age, home maintenance and regular chores around a property can become more cumbersome, and the independent living arrangements at Mennonite Village are a great alternative. We’ve been a dedicated resource for independent seniors in Albany, OR, for years and look forward to serving you and your family’s needs today.

Private homes

The Village consists of more than 300 single-story, private homes for adults age 55 and older currently living an independent lifestyle. No longer burdened with home maintenance or the upkeep of a yard, residents are free to pursue their individual interests and participate in community activities.

Independent Living homes range in size from 735 to more than 1800 square feet with floor plans that include: one to three bedrooms; one to two bathrooms; and a single- or double-car garage.

Life leases and rental agreements available

Homes can be secured by life lease or, in some cases, a rental agreement between residents and Mennonite Village. With a one-time entrance fee and a monthly service fee, residents can live in a home for as long as they wish provided they meet our requirements for Independent Living.

Benefits of senior independent living

At Mennonite Village, we understand that some seniors and older adults are not at the stage where fully assisted living is needed. Some couples just want to be able to enjoy their hobbies and creative projects without worrying about keeping up with property management. Some seniors want to enjoy the company and community of other like-minded seniors but do not wish to move into a senior living home. Our independent living arrangements are a great choice for adults who are perfectly able to continue living independently but want the community aspects kept intact. Many times, as people age, normal social groups get frayed as people move to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Our independent living community combines the best of both worlds and is a great alternative to full assisted living.

Come and see for yourself

Are you considering making a change to your living arrangement? Is keeping up with chores and maintenance beginning to get in the way of enjoying life with your partner? Our independent living communities in Albany, OR, come in a variety of sizes so, no matter your lifestyle, Mennonite Village has a place for you. We aim to offer maximum flexibility, so your transition to your new space is smooth and comfortable. We know transitions of any kind pose certain challenges, and we aim to keep the process easy and transparent. We have years of experience helping able-bodied seniors move to the next phase of independent living. The beauty is, your current lifestyle shouldn’t change one bit. The biggest differences are home maintenance and housekeeping are taken care of! Call today for more information and look below to see our current floor plans and rates.


Independent Living Homes: Phase 1
Street Square Feet Life Lease Entrance Fee Monthly Fee
1st Person
Monthly Fee
2nd Person
Columbus 946–1,001 $68,200 – $74,900 $725 $181
53rd Ave 1,040–1,090 $74,800 – 81,500 $752 $188
54th Ave 1,094 $78,500 – $81,500 $752 $188
Independent Living Homes: Phases 2, 3, and 4
Plan Square Feet Life Lease Entrance Fee

Monthly Fee

1st Person

Monthly Fee

2nd Person

B1 735–839 $74,000–$120,700 $725 $181
B2 970 $96,100–$137,200 $752 $188
C 875-1,288 $83,800–$146,700 $787 $196
A 1,189–1,286 $111,700–$177,000 $787 $196
D 1,345–1,574 $179,000–$214,000 $837 $209
Independent Living Homes: Phase 5
Plan Square Feet Life Lease Entrance Fee Monthly Fee
1st Person
Monthly Fee
2nd Person
CC 1,059–1,249 $167,000–$216,000 $837 $209
EE 1,349–1,459 $216,300–$263,200 $837 $209
DD 1,353–1,530 $227,000–$274,000 $837 $209
AA 1,387–1,776 $219,200–$306,700 $837 $209
FF 1,732–1,825 $274,900–$304,900 $983 $245
Independent Living Homes: Phase 6
Plan Square Feet Life Lease Entrance Fee Monthly Fee
1st Person
Monthly Fee
2nd Person
G 1,318 $234,000-$264,000 $983 $245
EEE 1,542 $272,000 – 302,100 $1,029 $257
GGG 1,663 $292,000–$322,700 $1,029 $257
DDD 1,709–1,809 $316,700–$347,000 $1,029 $257


Independent Living Homes: Phase 7
Ivy Loop
Plan Size Life Lease Entrance Fee* Monthly  Fee
1st Person
Monthly Fee
2nd Person
G 1,318 sq feet $253,800-$258,800 $983 $245
GGG 1,663 sq feet $317,600-$327,600 $1,029 $257
DDD 1,709-1,770 sq feet $336-100-$372,400 $1,029 $257

*Entrance fee shown is for a standard unit. Options and customization can be charged separately.