Wellness Program

Bernadette Milstead, Director of Wellness Programs (541) 704-4296

The Mennonite Village Wellness Program provides many activities and services for the residents and employees of Mennonite Village. The dimensions of wellness are social, vocational/professional, nutritional, spiritual, physical, intellectual, environmental, and emotional. Individuals are encouraged to include all aspects of wellness into their active lifestyles. The following are free to both residents and employees except where noted.


Wellness Services

  • Wellness and Aquatic orientation for residents and employees
  • Ongoing assistance in the use of exercise equipment
  • Personal training for residents and employees (fee)
  • Fitness assessments
  • Wellness programming offered campus wide to employees and residents in both Independent Living and care facilities
  • Massage (fee)
  • Outdoor sporting equipment available
The Wellness and Aquatic Centers are located in Lakeside Center at 2180 54th Avenue SE, between Clay and Davidson streets.

Wellness Classes

Forever Fit Chair Class  
Strength, stretching and balance exercises performed both in seated and standing positions.

Gentle Yoga
Movements, also called poses, focus on breath, posture, and mind/body awareness. The poses produce greater strength, balance, and flexibility. Seated poses can be performed on a chair or on a mat. Standing poses can be performed with the assistance of a chair.

Balance Skills
A range of activities that address the multiple factors that can affect balance. These exercises enhance both stationary and moving balance as well as improve daily function.

Stronger Bones and Bodies
Improve your bone strength, balance and coordination.

Healthy Back
Core and lower back strength exercises recommended to decrease pain and increase range of motion.

Tai Chi I & II
Tai Chi is an evidence-based exercise that has demonstrated effective results for fall prevention.

Wellness Activities

Monthly Wellness breakfasts are open to residents, employees, and the community every month except September.

Wii Games
The Wii system is a series of video games that range from bowling and golf to balance practice with yoga movements. Social events and competitions are sponsored by the Wellness Program.

100 Club
Residents receive a T-shirt after the completion of 100 visits to the Wellness Center and/or participation in Wellness Program classes.  The 100 Club participates in 100 Club Socials and other events.

Shuffleboard, petanque, horseshoes, pickleball, putting green, billiards, table tennis, spa, and walking trails are available on campus.

Staying Flexible
Thirty minutes of gentle and easy-to-follow stretches that can be done in a chair, standing or on a mat.

Circuit Class
Weight machines, bands, hand weights and body weight and other resistance equipment are used to provide a time-based efficient workout.

Cardio and Strength
Dance movements choreographed to music that provide a 30 minute heart healthy, aerobic, endurance workout followed by a 10 minute session of strength and conditioning with hand weights and bands.  

Therapeutic Warm Water Pool and Spa

Orientation required for use. Hours of operation are 8:00am-8:00pm, Monday through Saturday. Classes available are:

Arthritis Mobility
Class focuses on range of motion, flexibility, strength and endurance.  This is not a cardio based class.

Stronger Bodies Water Walking Class emphasizes balance skills practice and strengthening exercises while walking in the water.

AM Fitness
Class is designed to increase your endurance, cardio-respiratory fitness, muscular strength and balance.

Wellness Program Staff

Bernadette Milstead, B.S.
Director of Wellness

– American Council on Exercise
Certified Personal Trainer

Diana Bernstein, M.S.N.
Wellness Program Coordinator

– American Council on Exercise
Certified Personal Trainer

Leslie Lewis, B.S.
Wellness Program Aquatic Coordinator

– Aquatic Exercise Association
– YMCA of the USA Water Fitness Faculty

Gail Lyon
Wellness Program Instructor

– American Senior Fitness
Association Certified Senior Fitness Instructor

Scotty Bowman, B.S.
Wellness Program Instructor

– American Council on Exercise
Certified Personal Trainer