When to Consider Assisted Living? 5 Signs to Look For

When to Consider Assisted Living?
5 Signs to Look For

When does a loved one need assisted living? It is a difficult but worthwhile conversation to have with the people we care about. Maybe they are not feeling secure at home anymore. Or maybe you are noticing changes to their daily life. There is a lot to consider, but helping families navigate the move to assisted living in Oregon is what we do.

1. Safety Concerns

This is a top reason family members contact us to explore Assisted Living options. Maybe a loved one is not getting around as well as they used to, or has had a recent fall. Falling down is a common problem, so you are not alone! An estimated 1 in 4 adults aged 65+ will have a fall in a given year, and is the leading cause of injuries for seniors (source). Stairs or home layout may also be a challenge to safely navigate.

Mennonite Village is designed with accessibility in mind and safety is the top priority. Caring and well trained staff in a secure environment can bring stability to your loved ones daily life and peace of mind for family members.

2. Social Withdrawal or Isolation

Social connection is key for mental health and has physical health benefits as well! If you notice a loved one withdrawing from family get togethers or social activities, ask them why. They may have a hard time driving to the event or getting around. Or maybe they are feeling down and disconnected from friends and family. An assisted living community could offer a vibrant social environment. Many residents enjoy the senior activities in Albany and around the Mennonite Village campus. Exercise classes, art shows, bazaars, crafting groups, and many other activities help Mennonite Village residents connect with neighbors.

3. Decline in Health

A health decline may be sudden, or it can be very gradual. Maybe you’ve noticed a loved one is not consistently taking their medications. Or they are taking longer than usual to recover from an illness or injury. Chronic health issues can also be at play, with more than 90% of seniors saying they live with at least one (source). Seniors can live healthy, vibrant lives with chronic health issues such as diabetes, arthritis, or heart disease. But these need to be closely monitored and sometimes require more care than a senior currently has at home. Mennonite Village has around the clock trained staff to provide daily care and administer medications. In case of a medical emergency, this also gives peace of mind to residents as well as their families.

4. Difficulty Managing the Home or Yard

Keeping up with home projects or yard maintenance can be a chore, and gets increasingly difficult as we age. Have you noticed your loved one finding it difficult to keep their home or yard clean and maintained? Are they having trouble cleaning or fixing broken things around the home, or hiring outside help to keep up their living standards? These can be key indicators that it might be time to explore assisted living options near you.

The maintenance crew at Mennonite Village frees up assisted living residents (and independent living as well) from the stress of home maintenance. A clean, well maintained living space is a blessing for many seniors who can pursue other hobbies and social activities.

5. Caregiver Challenges

When a senior starts to need more care, it can be challenging for the supporting family member. You want the best for a loved one so that they are healthy, happy, and in a connected community. But trying to meet these needs is a challenge, especially for a sole caregiver. 

At Mennonite Village, we start with honest conversations with seniors, family, and caregivers about assisted living and the best options for them. If a caregiver no longer has the time or resources, making the move to assisted living can be a blessing for the whole family.

Are you wondering if Assisted Living is right for you or your loved one? Connect with us here

Mennonite Village is a non profit, continuing care retirement community. For more than 75 years, Mennonite Village has offered a full spectrum of quality retirement living in Oregon. Come visit Mennonite Village and tour our options for Assisted Living and Independent living in Albany, Oregon. As a not-for-profit community, Mennonite Village invests more resources in care and wellness for the residents who call our campus home. 

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