Staff of Mennonite Home work hard to create a culture of compassion. Working along side staff are volunteers with a heart for service.

One such volunteer is Chris Smith, former attorney and school teacher.

“I love to read to seniors,” Chris begins. “Especially biographies about interesting people. The stories stimulate ideas and connections between the residents. They have memories that fill out the stories I tell and they share amazing recollections of their experiences.

My mom lived at the Mennonite Home. I loved to read to her. Her favorites were mystery stories. That’s how I became acquainted with the Mennonite Home staff and started reading to the residents. I’ve been reading to seniors since 2015.”

Chris not only enjoys volunteering at Mennonite Village, she also encourages others to get involved. Chris created a website aimed at encouraging others to read to seniors.

Chris Smith

Got a love for seniors? Mennonite Village would love to talk to you about volunteer opportunities. Just call 541-704-4486 or send an email, we’d love to hear from you.

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