Volunteer Program

Robin Keener HR Volunteer Coordinator (541) 928-7232 ext. 486

Volunteering enriches both the giver and the receiver. Each month, over 100 volunteers extend a helping hand and a caring heart through our Hands & Hearts Volunteer Program.

Serve as a Hands & Hearts Volunteer

To be a Hands & Hearts volunteer, you must:
•    Complete a background check (if over 16 years of age)
•    Complete an application found here.
•    Provide references
•    Complete an interview
•    Complete our volunteer orientation
•    Allow Mennonite Village to perform a Tuberculosis (TB) skin test

Areas of Service

  • Gift Shop Attendant: staff a gift shop that serves visitors and residents of Mennonite Home or Quail Run Assisted Living. All proceeds are used to fund employee educational scholarships.
  • Group Activity Volunteer: assist staff or other volunteers in group activities with residents in Mennonite Home, Lydia’s House, or Quail Run.
  • Maintenance Volunteer: work with Grounds or Maintenance staff on yard work, building repair and upkeep, and room setup.
  • Chaplaincy Volunteer: assist with Sunday worship services, lead music, play piano, remind residents at Quail Run that church services are starting and offer assistance to help them attend,  conduct one-on-one visits with residents, read, pray, assist with Bible studies and singing events, sit with residents at End of Life (additional special training provided).
  • Resident Companion: provide one-on-one social interaction with residents, fingernail painting, reading to residents, having coffee, and/or accompanying residents on group outings.
  • Shopping Companion: ride the bus with Quail Run residents to Fred Meyer and help with shopping.
  • Walking Partner: Accompany Lydia’s House residents on a walk, pushing wheelchairs, either outside or in the building of our campus, depending upon weather.
Gift Shop at Mennonite Village
Volunteer Program at Mennonite Village

Mennonite Village Youth Program

Mennonite Village provides a great opportunity for youth to participate on our campus. Youth are provided an opportunity to work one on one with residents or to help in the daily maintenance and function of our campus.

Youth may volunteer year round, or during the summer.

Opportunity’s Include:

  • Recycling
  • One on One with residents
  • Games with residents
  • Wrapping silverware for upcoming events
  • Older Americans Day
  • Group Car Washing
  • And more…


Age between 12-16

Agreement to following the policies, rules and regulations of the Mennonite Village campus

Completed Application

Completed Orientation

Ability to follow direction given by supervisor

Ability to behave appropriately and responsibly while on campus.

Volunteers may not stay on campus outside of the hours they are volunteering.

Volunteer opportunities are no longer than 2-3 hours per day, one to two times per week.

Completed volunteer applications can be returned by mail, email or dropped off at the front desk. Once the application is turned in Robin Keener will call you to set and appointment time for your interview.

Gifts for Volunteers at Mennonite Village