Moving into a retirement or senior living facility can be a life changing experience for many seniors that were previously living alone and taking care of themselves for many years. At Mennonite Village we have personally heard testimonials from many residents about how wonderful their experience living in retirement or assisted living has been. Assisted living and retirement communities give you the freedom to do what you enjoy, spend time with family and make new friends all while knowing you are safe and taken care of. – All kinds of entertainment and activities are offered, both on-site and in the local community. At Mennonite Village we have a beautiful campus with walking trails and scenery. We also have a calendar of events so you can pick and choose the things you are most interested in. You never have to be bored at a senior living community. -There are many residents at senior communities who used to live alone and were not able to make meals regularly or eat healthy.  At Mennonite Village our residents don’t have to worry about grocery shopping, menu planning or washing dishes if they don’t want to. They get to eat their meals with their friends and family. The food is menu is designed to be healthy and taste good by on site chefs. -Driving can be tense and stressful as we age, sometimes losing eyesight or hearing making driving very challenging. We offer transportation that can take you to grocery shop, the mall, doctors appointments and more. Many residents choose to use our shuttle to not have to drive anymore giving them peace of mind. -Older adults who live alone often become isolated and lonely. At senior facilities like Mennonite Village we can make friends, enjoy meals and go on outings with a friend from your community. If you aren’t a social butterfly there is still a feeling of community having people around you and knowing you are not alone at home anymore. Come check out our community and schedule a tour with Chris Spellings (541) 928-7232 extension 267.  
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