Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a “Mennonite” to live at Mennonite Village?

You do not need to be Mennonite. At Mennonite Village we promote spiritual growth and all faiths and beliefs are welcome.

What is a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community)?

A CCRC offers older adults a secure, long-term solution to changing needs in their retirement years. Residents can choose from a variety of contracts that offer several types of housing arrangements, various options for housekeeping and maintenance services, and many medical care plans. Community activities and supportive services provide opportunties to keep residents independent, active, and engaged in life as long as possible while offering respectful end of life care.

Why should we choose a not-for-profit retirement community?

Not-for-profit retirement facilities are at the forefront of innovative long-term care solutions. In an age where rigidly structured institutional care for older adults has proven to be an unworkable situation, not-for-profit facilities have introduced an approach that offers a more dignified, homelike, life-enhancing setting. Recent research conducted by the federal Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) shows that not-for-profit nursing facilities provide more care per patient per day, invest more resources in resident care, and average significantly fewer deficiencies than for-profit facilities. The New York Times recently reported that “In an industry increasingly dominated by corporate chain ownership, the changes are occurring in non-profit, church-sponsored homes.”

How long is your wait list?

Availability of homes varies within our community. Please contact us for current information.