When it comes to supporting kids, not many top the generosity of the residents of Mennonite Village.

For more than 15 years, Mennonite Village has assisted staff members with the cost of school for their children. Since 2006, residents have taken part in that effort.

“The company realizes this is an expensive time for families,” said Kristen Gregory, Mennonite Village Human Resources Director. “The Back-to-School Program is simply a way of saying to our staff ‘Let us help a little with those cost.'”

For Mennonite Village residents such as Bob and Elaine Easton, the opportunity to assist a young family in the education of their children is an honor.

“We have participated in the program every year,” Bob said. “Education is so important, and costs have become nearly impossible for young families, so we enjoy contributing to the Back-to-School Program.”

Because of the generosity of Mennonite Village residents like Bob and Elaine, more than 180 gift cards of $75 were distributed to staff with school-aged children.

“The annual Back-to-School Program, sponsored by the generous residents of Mennonite Village, is a true blessing for families,” said Bernadette Milstead, Wellness Program Coordinator at Mennonite Village. “Back to school time is overwhelming for any family with the added costs for school supplies, back packs, binders, and not to mention clothing and shoes. Even with some schools covering basic shared supplies, it still costs a lot of money to prepare a child for the school year. Our family was able to purchase supplies for both of our young men without the burden and worry of trying to fit it into the budget or putting it on credit. It takes a ‘village’ to raise a child, pun intended. The kind gesture, generous gift, and support make both employees and their children feel supported and loved.”

“Some of the things I love about working at Mennonite Village are the little things that make a big impact,” Said Jennifer Knutson, Village Coordinator. “Sense of community, and just helping one another. Our back to school program, sponsored by some of our residents was a huge blessing in getting items needed for my girls to go school.”