At Mennonite Village we strive to serve.

Our mission is to be a Christ-centered community providing life-enriching services. As such, we commit to uphold the following principles within the life of our community.


Acting out of love — and accountable to one another — we accept with joy the responsibility of participating in our community. We also accept our personal responsibility to prudently manage the community’s affairs and assets; to encourage the exercise and development of talents and spiritual gifts; and to safeguard the heritage of the Mennonite Church.


Believing that serving each other is our true mission, we humbly devote ourselves to being the generous hands, the gentle voice, and the compassionate heart of Jesus.

At Mennonite Village we provide our residents several opportunities to serve each other in our community at Mennonite Village. Some of these include Working in the gift shop, helping with Bingo, one on one visits, participating on bus trips/outings, helping with Pastoral visits.
There are grief support groups as well as Alzheimer support group for family members caring for persons struggling with this disease.


Respecting the dignity and worth of each individual, we pledge to encourage independence and freedom of choice and to provide opportunities for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth, while considering the needs of all people within our community.

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