It is funny sometimes how changes come about in life. For Abby McAllister, a path leading to a career in the dental field changed when she attended Brigham Young University. “I actually declared my major as Exercise Science when I thought I was going to attend dental school and take over my dad’s orthodontic practice in Salt Lake,” Abby said. The field of orthodontia’s loss was Mennonite Village’s gain as Abby shifted her academic emphasis. “Growing up dancing, I was always trying to push my body to do more, whether that be stretch my leg taller, jump higher, or turn faster, all while staying as fit as possible. Because of these experiences, I have become fascinated by the human body and all that it can do,” Abby said. “At BYU, I enjoyed working as a teaching assistant for anatomy and physiology and helping other students to find my same passion and love for the body.” A native of Salt Lake City, Abby moved to Oregon with her husband as he enrolled in law school at Willamette University in Salem. Abby joined the Wellness Program at Mennonite Village as a Wellness Instructor earlier this month. With a degree in Exercise Science and minor in Gerontology, her background is a great fit with the mission of Mennonite Village. “In the few weeks that I have been at Mennonite Village, I have already come to recognize that this is a special place. Everyone is so welcoming and happy, and that makes coming to work exciting. I love helping residents and employees care for their health and make their lives as full as can be,” she said. To learn more about Mennonite Village’s Wellness Program, visit their official website.
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