By: Karen Weeks
For Mennonite Village

Are you a pensioner who wants to see more of Australia? There are so many beautiful sites to see and exciting activities to do in this country, and retirement is a great time to plan some travel adventures. However, you may wonder how you can fit your travel dreams into your budget. What’s your best bet for really exploring Australia? If you’re a senior looking for the answers to these questions, then the travel tips below can help you out.

You Can See More with a Relaxed Road Trip

Many older adults avoid planning more travel because they do not want to deal with extra expenses or fast pace, but you can experience more of Australia’s cities, natural beauty, and wonders by getting around in a car. There are so many slow-paced scenic Australian road trips you can take. You can drive from Cairns to York while stopping along the way to see the Great Barrier Reef and the rainforests of Daintree. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, you can wind your way through coastal and scenic views as you travel the Great Ocean Road. You can even take your pets along for the ride, which can be a bonus for saving onboarding expenses.

Used Cars Can Be Perfect for Road Trips

Before you get excited and start gassing up your sedan, you should know that taking a road trip can put a lot of wear and tear on a vehicle. This isn’t meant to discourage you from planning your retirement trip, but you may be better off buying a used car for those cross-country adventures. This can be a good opportunity to invest in a larger SUV or van that will give you more travel options without any added expenses. You can check out sites like Gumtree for reasonably priced pre-owned vehicles that will help preserve your own car while opening up more possibilities for the exciting road ahead.

You Can Bring Your Own Food to Reduce Expenses

Getting excited to hit the road? We don’t blame you! Before you do, you should think about planning some car-friendly snacks and meals. There are definitely some amazing places to eat along the most beautiful Australian routes, and you may even get senior concessions. Those who are looking to stay healthy may want some additional options. Nuts, kale chips, and fruit kebabs all make for fun road trip fare, plus you can pull over and enjoy your tasty snack while you take in all those views. Looking for something more hearty? Pack some meat and veggies in your cooler, and pick up a portable BBQ grill for an easy road trip meals.

Camping Can Be a Fun Alternative to Hotels

You’ve already got some road trip basics covered, but you still need a place to stay. Pensioners who are looking for a more immersive travel experience may prefer camping to stay in hotels. If you are up for the adventure or just a bit more of nature, you can find a campsite where you can set up a tent or pull up an RV or sleep under the stars if that’s more your style. You can use websites like to help find great sites. Comfort is always important, but camping comfort for seniors may involve bringing an air mattress or cot. So, figure out how to make your body happy, so you can really enjoy your travels around Australia.

Travel By Plane, Boat, or Train Can Be Affordable Too

Driving scenic routes and roads by car is a great way to spend your golden years. For some seniors, however, driving all those miles may sound too stressful. Or, you may be limited in your mobility. If road trips do not fit into your retirement travel plans, then you can still experience Australia by train. Rail trips tend to be fairly inexpensive and can take you places you’ve never seen before. For all other travel, be sure to look for discount opportunities to help you save on airfare, hotel accommodations, and excursions.

Taking your time with travel is a perfect solution for saving money in retirement while getting to see more of Australia. What are you waiting for? Start planning your travels and trips today!