When you are considering a move to a continuing care facility such as Mennonite Village, there are a large amount of questions that come to mind. One thing that you can rest assured of is that the food prepared for our campus is of the highest quality and consistency. Each season begins with the menus built around emerging dining trends and the freshest ingredients available.

People want their food to be of good quality, no matter where they are. Whether it is at a restaurant, retirement facility or at home, quality food matters. Here at Mennonite Village we enhance the lives of our residents by creating foods alive with flavor and nutrition, using wholesome ingredients that are harvested in a socially responsible way for the well-being of our residents and the environment. Our team of talented food service staff is guided by the experienced leadership of Curtis Eriksen, Dining Director, Cody Martin, Executive Chef and Matthew Woods, Sous Chef. We have a variety of food service options available to residents which include meal plans, home delivery, or our restaurant at Ashwood Court 2, which provides a daily menu for lunch and dinner. Also every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month at Ashwood Court 2 dining room, a specialty dinner is prepared such as Prime Rib or Salmon, by reservations only.

We have the Mennonite Coffee House located inside Ashwood Court 2, which provides fresh coffee and espressos. On this campus we have a variety of yearly events that allow the Dining Department to showcase our specialty meal’s such as Thanksgiving Dinner, Village Christmas Dinner, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Summer BBQ’s, Older American’s Day and Harvest Dinner, just to name a few. Private catering events are also available to those residents wishing to have a gathering for family or friends.Our desire for this campus is to provide for all who live here an environment of home, with activities, and great dining experiences. May your time of choosing a continuing care facility such as Mennonite Village be less stressful for you knowing that our dining services department takes every effort to ensure that you have the best
possible food service program available to you.