At Mennonite Village we understand that leaving your home and moving into a retirement center is a huge change in your life. This article will help you get closer to your decision. There are so many benefits to living in a retirement community that you don’t have when living alone.



As we age, we often lose roles, spouses, and friends. Living at your home by yourself can become lonely. Living in a retirement community with other people your age offers friendship, companionship and a sense of community. Neighbors become people to talk to, share a cup of coffee, walk your dog or share a meal with. Living in a retirement home gives you a sense of community and a group of individuals to spend time with that share in your similar interests.



Living in a retirement community can combine the best of both worlds, offering both freedom and safety. Our staff makes sure the grounds are safe with locked doors,  pin number entry and cameras. Neighbors and staff check in and are good at noticing when someone is missing from the dinner table. Additionally, in case of some sort of medical event, nursing staff is on site.  All of this combines to increase the feeling of safety.


Less Home Maintenance

As we age, home maintenance becomes increasingly difficult. Lawn maintenance, broken appliances and leaky pipes are not easy to keep up on and it can become increasingly difficult to find contractors that won’t take advantage of your age or over charge you. This is one of the biggest benefits to life in a retirement community, you no longer need to concern yourself with home maintenance. You do not have to worry about who will water the lawn while you travel, or deal with the costs of homeownership.


Less Cooking

Mennonite Village offers meal plans, where a certain number of meals are provided each day. These meals are tasty, and provide the opportunity to socialize with neighbors. Meal time at your retirement community is a great time for socialization with friends and neighbors and time to talk about your day and hear about others. In addition to community meals you also have a kitchen in your unit to keep your independence and still be able to cook for yourself or family when you want to.


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