We understand at Mennonite Village that living active lifestyles is important for every age group. Staying active as a senior can have more benefits than just your physical health and at Mennonite Village we aim to provide a wellness program that offers more than just exercise. Here are some things that you can gain from maintaining an active lifestyle.

Exercise Increases Mental Capacity
Physical activity has been directly linked to slowing the process of mental decline. When you are physically active, every part of your body, including the brain, receives more blood flow. By staying active, you are actually encouraging better mental health and improved cognitive functioning.

Exercise is a Social Activity
For many seniors, exercise is a social event. A water aerobics class gives the chance to connect with other seniors. A walking group provides the chance to catch up on exercise and the latest social news. These classes with peers help you to stay motivated and engaged. A healthy social life is a part of your health.

Exercise Improves Strength and Mobility
Keeping the body strong is one of the most important tasks for an older adult, and exercise is the best way to improve both strength and mobility. When you begin to spend less time walking and more time sitting you can suffer from atrophied muscles, difficulty breathing and walking and poor blood flow. Simply getting off the couch and moving can help with these issues. Even a short walk a few times a day has its benefits! Gentle exercise is still good exercise. At Mennonite Village we want to help you find movement in your body.

Exercise Improves Healing
The healing process takes longer as we age, but exercise can help. Active adults have wounds healing as much as 25 percent faster than those who do not exercise. Beginning an exercise program now, before an incident occurs, may help you to benefit from improved healing and a faster recovery after an injury or surgical procedure.

Keeping an active lifestyle is important for many reasons and can actually make you happier and more in control of your mood and memory. Mennonite Village is happy to offer a great selection of wellness classes and activities. We encourage you to come to the Wellness Center and check out our schedule and give a class a try! Remember that gentle movement is still good movement and can offer a huge difference in your health.